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Tuning and type approval.

Approving the unique and the exotic.

Fed up with a standard model – fancy a customised four wheeler. Realise your dreams – we can help by equipping it with the necessary safety.

If you intend to carry out additions or conversions, such as for example, lowering the car chassis, adding aluminium rims with wide wheels or installing tinted glazing, you must have them approved in a so-called modification approval process. Or if you have installed an ancillary heating unit yourself or had it installed, or purchased a special safety belt system abroad, the law givers require a type approval.

Perhaps you are a proud owner of a real rarity – a one-off vehicle manufactured by yourself, or a unique conversion and want to drive it on public roads? Our experts draw up a report for the registration centre so that it can issue an individual type approval to you for the vehicle.

Veteran cars can be issued with a special veteran car plate or the veteran car identification pass.

And last but not least, imported and exported motor vehicles require corresponding assessments in order to fulfil the requirements of national and international motor vehicle regulations.

Whatever your problem is – we always provide competent advice. Simply ask at one of our offices or just pay us a visit. There you will also find out our local fees for our services.

You can obtain our services throughout Europe with the exception of tests for veteran car and imported vehicles. These services are provided with cooperation of other companies.

Some of the certificates that we can offer are:

Exhaust gas/Emission certificates.

- Certificates of electromagnetic compatibility.

- Certificates of the brake system.

- Certificates of the suspension system.

- Certificates of the engine.

- Certificates of the wheels and rims.

- Certificates of the illumination system.

- Certificates of the seats and safety belts.

- Gas installation certificates.

- Certificates for any other changes.

- Certificates of Vintage cars.

- Noise certificates.

- Other certificates.
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COC - Certificate of Conformity

Import/Export Certificates
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Other Certificates and Documents

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