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You want to sell or register a vehicle abroad. But how can you be sure that your car is allowed to be registered in the country of export? Export countries often require a certificate that contains all of a vehicle's technical information written in the official language of the export country.

We expand your horizons

We can create multilingual export certificates so that you don't have any problems registering vehicles in the respective export countries. All we need is a legible copy of the vehicle title or the registration documents.

Your import/export certificate contains the technical data from the vehicle documents.

It shows that your vehicle complies with EU guidelines.

The vehicle can be put into a tax class.

We would be happy to send you the certificate ahead of time by e-mail. You then receive the original together with the invoice in the mail.

How much does an export certificate cost?

The cost of a certificate depends on the type of vehicle. We have to identify which of the EC, ECE or national regulations apply on a case-by-case basis.

Asking is free

Good service knows no borders: Just have a non-binding talk with us.
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COC - Certificate of Conformity

Import/Export Certificates
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